Tribe Tabletop Series #3: Lawrence

Tribe Tabletop Series #3: Lawrence

Every day at Tribe Kampala, we have new co-workers come in and make our plain wooden desks completely their own, with stationary, laptops, and accessories that tell a different story about each occupant. This month, we get to know Lawrence through his table top.

Lawrence Table Top

Let’s see. What do we have here?

1. Tea or coffee?

Mos def coffee because I need to get my focus mojo right when I settle into work. Always a double Cappuccino and an espresso just in case the Cappuccino don’t work. I get it from the coffee house just outside the Tribe (sorry I forget the name: Kaffe)

2. What are you likely to be listening to as you work?

Have a couple of playlists depending on the mood. I am more Reggae-Soul-RnB-HipHop/ OL’skool type of person. But sometimes I get into some African chunes, indie music/ house or a few alternative genres.

Recent songs to give you a feel:

  • Skankin Sweet - Chronixx (Chronology)
  • Ms Jackson - Outkast
  • Columbus - Burning Spear (Best of the Fittest)
  • Way Down We Go - Kaleo (A/B)
  • On & On - Erykah Badu (Baduizm)
  • Sky Walker - Miguel / Travis Scott (War & Leisure)
  • Feel it Still - Portugal. The Man (Woodstock)
  • I like That - Janelle Monae (I like That)

3. Two iPhones and a Mac?

Not that I know of, but was just making an upgrade switch from the iPhone 7+ to the iPhone X. The MacBook makes my workflow easier. So to answer your question, no loyalties.

4. What is the story behind the floppy disk?

Happened to stumble across it in Embassy supermarket and then I bought it for the memories. I am going to frame it and hang it on my wall.

5. Do you keep your work stuff and your fun stuff separate?

If you meant “separating my fun stuff from work stuff” on the hard drives…of course I do separate them. Well, I enjoy what I do as a videographer so to me my work stuff is my fun stuff. I edit off two machines, the MacBook Pro as my mobile workstation and the iMac Pro back in my studio.

Why Tribe?

Change of environment from my usual. But its also central and accessible, convenient, spacious, super fast internet, quiet (not forgetting the availability of different food options and the bars for an after work drink).

Malcolm Bigyemano is a film maker, copy writer, graphic designer and aspiring rolex connoisseur.

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