Tribe Tabletop Series #2: Aletta

Tribe Tabletop Series #2: Aletta

Every day at Tribe Kampala, we have new co-workers come in and make our plain wooden desks completely their own, with stationary, laptops, and accessories that tell a different story about each occupant. This month, we get to know Aletta through her table top.

Martina Table Top

Let’s see. What do we have here?

1. Smoothie

Yes, I do make them myself. I love fruit and Uganda has so much of it to offer - mango, watermelon and passion fruit are my favorites and since I have the smoothie maker, why not have as many smoothies as you can!? I don’t always remember to buy fruit but the days I do, usually turn out to be good days. I’m not sure what I’d never put in a smoothie because smoothies are so versatile I think, in the right combination, any ingredient could work - well maybe not meat.

2. Web page: “From Primary Healthcare to Universal Coverage (The Affordable Dream)”

I’m studying International Development and I’m currently doing a research project which promotes the provision of universal primary health care. But this is also the sort of thing I’d read in my free time. I think there have been more mistakes than success stories in the development sector and if I want to find meaningful work, I have to be critical.

3. Headphones

In my headphones:

  • Aljazeera live stream
  • Traditional Gospel Melody by the Stellenbosch University Choir
  • Wish you well by Brendan James
  • Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard by Paul Simon
  • German Rap… there is a good playlist titled “Deutschrap: Die Klassiker” on Spotify

4. Pencilcase

I originally bought this about a year and a half ago when I was waiting tables in Edinburgh. They required us to bring in a receptacle to collect our tips in. Now it holds all my electronic bits and bobs.

5. Book

During my Bachelor’s studies, my interest in Human Rights started. Ever since then I’ve been fascinated with Amnesty International and was lucky to have completed two internships with them (Tel Aviv, Israel and Edinburgh, Scotland). I bought this book while I was writing my Bachelor’s thesis (about 2 years ago) since I was writing about Amnesty but I only read the parts that seemed relevant to my research. Now I’m reading it cover-to-cover and loving it!

Why Tribe Kampala?

I choose Tribe because it’s got the best internet in town, staff are very kind and the vibe is great. I get a lot of work done because everyone here is concentrated and motivated. Plus, I can just nip out front for an amazing coffee and a yummy pasty whenever I need a break.

But don’t just take Aletta’s word for it, come check us out yourself and join us next week as we get to know another member of the Tribe through their table top!

Malcolm Bigyemano is a film maker, copy writer, graphic designer and aspiring rolex connoisseur.

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