Tribe Tabletop Series #1: Martina

Tribe Tabletop Series #1: Martina

The desks at Tribe Kampala is a blank canvas for free-lancers, start-ups and occupational nomads to make their own. Every day our members fill our empty desks with laptops, stationary, food and accessories that tell a different story about their personal and professional lives. This week, we have Martina giving us a tour of her tabletop.

Martina Table Top

Let’s see. What do we have here.

1. Coffee

It is even a bit of an addiction. It gives me some good energy to start the day with and helps me to concentrate better.

2. Bike Helmet

I’ve been in Kampala for about 3 months in total; and after a week using boda’s to get around, I decided to buy a bicycle. It is a fast and green way to get around and if you take it slowly and be careful it is not as dangerous as it looks.

3. Music

I like to listen to a playlist on Spotify called Jazz Concentration Academy. When I give myself a little break from concentrating on work/study I listen to Bob Marley, Africa Negra, Xanvier Ruth, Mumford and Sons or DeWolff.

4. Notebook

I’m working on analysis of qualitative data from my research project for my Masters’ [degree] thesis. I’m doing a research on snakebites in Uganda. Many people who living in rural areas of Uganda get bitten by venomous snakes and often there is no effective medicine available. My research is about knowledge and perceptions about snakebites among rural communities of Uganda.

Why Tribe Kampala?

Tribe Kampala has definitely the best wifi [in] Kampala, good ambience, very friendly staff and good food & delicious coffee on a stone’s throw away.

Ah, that was a fun chat. Thank you for letting us distract you, if only for a short while, Martina. We look forward to the next Tribe Tabletop

Malcolm Bigyemano is a film maker, copy writer, graphic designer and aspiring rolex connoisseur.

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