Flexible and affordable workspace

Maintaining a traditional office comes with cumbersome overheads. At Tribe Kampala, you rent space in an awesome spot for a few days, weeks or months. Look forward to Mondays with a workspace designed for fresh ideas, organic networking, and month-to-month flexibility.

Daily Packages

Our day pass is perfect for anyone looking for a neat place to work while on the move.

Monthly Packages

Package expires 30 days after signup or when used up. UGX equivalent accepted. Please note that we support team packages. Members of a team can pool their individual packages together and share the hours amongst themselves as needed.

Events Space

This is a rate card for privately organized events.


Tribe Kampala provides a concierge-style amenities program that leaves members rethinking the meaning of work.

Find out more about the benefits here.

Location + Inquiries

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